Once a probationer is served with a summons revoking their probation or a warrant is requested for a probationer their probation time stops running but they still must abide by their probation conditions. Maine law provides “the running of the period of probation is tolled upon either the delivery of the summons, the filing of the written notice with the court that the person can not be located or the arrest of the person. If the motion is dismissed or withdrawn, or if the court finds no violation of probation, the running of the period of probation is deemed not to have been tolled. The conditions of probation continue in effect during the tolling of the running of the period of probation, and any violation of a condition subjects the person to a revocation of probation pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.” 17-A MRSA 1206(7-C). The period of probation only begins running again when the motion to revoke probation is resolved. It does not matter if you are in custody or not.

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