Domestic Violence

District Attorney Offices have prosecutors assigned to handle only domestic violence crimes.  No other crime carries such a distinction.  Although there is no excuse for domestic violence and just because you are charged does not mean you are guilty.  I can defend you to ensure your rights are protected.

The penalties for being convicted of a domestic violence crime are severe.  If convicted you lose your constitutional right to bear arms.  Additionally, you will likely be required to complete a batterer’s intervention program (BIP).  BIP is usually a 48 week course which you are required to pay for.   Your ability to obtain employment is hampered because these are crimes of violence. 

I have handled hundreds of domestic violence cases.  I am familiar with the special rules that apply to these type of cases.  Just because the victim is not willing to cooperate with the prosecution does not mean you will not be convicted.  I know the recent changes in the Confrontation Clause analysis and how to apply them to your case. I have the ability, experience, and dedication to provide you with the best possible defense.  Contact me today to protect your rights.

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