Can I get a work-restricted license for an administrative OUI suspension?

You can petition the Secretary of State to issue you a work-restricted license if this is your first offense and you submitted to a chemical test.  The statute can be found here.   The Petition is entitled “Restricted License Petitiion (Admin. OUI suspensions/Habitual Offenders)” on the Secretary of State’s website and can be found here.

The Secretary of State may issue you a work-restricted license if you can show by clear and convincing evidence that:

(A) A license is necessary to operate a motor vehicle:

  1. Between your residence and place of employment or in the scope of employment, or both; or
  2. Between your residence and educational facility you are attending if you have a juvenile provisional license that was administratively suspended for violating the zero tolerance law.

(B)  No alternative means of transportation is available; and

(C)  You have not, within 10 years, been under suspension for an OUI offense pursuant to an administrative determination that you operated a motor vehicle with an excessive blood alcohol.

Please note this work-restricted license is not for individuals convicted of OUI and the courts suspends their license.  If you are eventually convicted of OUI then your work-restricted license will be revoked and you will have to serve the suspension.

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