Criminal Convictions hurt your employment opportunities.

A youthful indiscretion can impair your future employment opportunities. If you are currently employed a criminal conviction can affect your current job status, peer reviews, and employment opportunities. Many employers are running background checks on the most basic entry level positions. Additionally, at the time your employer does a review of your job performance some are running background checks. A criminal conviction can mean you will not be hired or you might lose your current job.

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case. Attorneys can only  utilize their experience, education, and dedication to defend you. Who you hire can make a difference regarding the outcome of your case. If you hire me to represent you I will bring substantial criminal law experience, my ongoing education, my diligence, and my hard work ethic to ensure you are provided with the best possible defense.

Do not let today’s mistake and subsequent criminal prosecution affect your future employment current employment.

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