Deferred Disposition on a Felony Theft Indictment

Great day in court yesterday. I was representing a client who was charged with felony theft because of prior convictions. The client has a substantial mental health history and has been in and out of prison for over 20 years. My client was not receiving counseling and was off their medications at the time of this theft (shoplifting). My client”s DSM IV diagnosis includes shoplifting as a characteristic. Shortly after this incident my client was able to connect with a medical provider and get properly medicated. I was able to convince the prosecutor, who was gracious enough to listen and understand, that incarceration and probation have not worked for my client in the past. The prosecutor was able to recognize, with the documentation I provided, that my client was doing well. Additionally the prosecutor realized that taking my client out of their current support system would only increase the risk of mental deterioration and criminality. In the end we were able to secure a deferred disposition that eventually will result in the dismissal of all charges assuming my client continues with their current course of counseling.

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