Heroin use is on the rise

It is becoming more difficult and expensive to illegally purchase painkillers. Medications like OxyContin are now designed to form a gel if crushed. This makes the snorting or injecting of OxyContin less likely. The inverse regarding the difficulty in illegally obtain painkillers to abuse is the increased use of heroin. The availability of heroin and decreased cost of it has increased its abuse.

Heroin is addictive. I represent clients from all backgrounds who are addicted to heroin. My clients are engaging in destructive and life threatening conduct to obtain heroin. Most of my clients do not want this life style but the addiction is to strong for them to resist. Maine does not have enough resources to treat everyone who needs and wants help. Heroin addiction is a downward spiral.

I encourage all parents to discuss illegal drug use with their children. If you wait it is to late.

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