How can you defend those people?

I am often asked how can I do what I do.  I suggest to people that they should read (or watch) Gideon’s Trumpet or To Kill a Mockingbird.    Some really good reasons can be found in these stories.  An innocent man was convicted in Gideon’s Trumpet because he did not have a lawyer nor was he trained in the law.  When a lawyer was appointed to represent him on retrial he was found not guilty.  His lawyer protected his rights and held the prosecution to its burden.  His rights are the same rights you have.

Being a criminal defense attorney is not the easiest job but it is a very rewarding job.  As a criminal defense attorney I do not pass judgment on my clients.  Few of my clients are true criminals or sociopaths.  The majority of my clients are good people who as a result of a mental health problem, drug addiction, or both have made a mistake and violated the law.  Some of my clients simply made an error in judgment and are unlikely to repeat their conduct.

I believe in the Constitutions of the United States of America and Maine.  I believe in the rights that each every single one of us has regardless of what we are accused of doing.  I believe it is my job to ensure those rights are upheld and protected.  I believe it is my job to prevent the innocent from being incarcerated.  To do that I must defend every individual vigorously.  After all, I do not decide who is innocent and who is guilty.  That is not my job. My job is to defend my client’s rights.  In defending my client’s rights I am also defending your rights.

Answering the question of how I can do what I do is very complex and not easily understood by many.  It has to do with innocent people being wrongful accused and convicted, unethical prosecutors and law enforcement officials, my family members who have served in the armed forces and fought in wars, the weak being trampled on, ensuring fair trials, and trying to keep our government honest. I protect rights and hold the State to it’s burden of proof.  The State, with its unlimited resources, almost always has the upper hand against the accused.  My job is to level the playing field with very limited resources.  My job is to defend each of my clients as though they are innocent regardless of my beliefs as to their innocence.

You, someone you love and care about, or someone you know might be charged with a crime someday.  This person might be innocent or they might be guilty.  However, you will pray that they have a defense attorney who is prepared to defend this person against the almost unlimited resources of the prosecution.  You will pray that they have a competent attorney who believes in our criminal justice system.  And you will pray that they have a jury of their peers who will hold the State to its burden of proof just like a criminal defense attorney.

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