Jurors must be biased!

Jurors should not be fair and impartial. Jurors should be biased and that bias should be towards the Defendant. The bias is that the Defendant is innocent. The Defendant does not have to prove anything. As a juror you can disregard and disbelieve all evidence presented by the defense and still find the Defendant NOT GUILTY. This is because the Defendant has nothing to prove as he is presumed innocent. As a juror you are not weighing the prosecution’s and the Defendant’s evidence to determine who you believe more. There is no balance act to be had. It is the prosecution who must prove everything claimed beyond all reasonable doubt. It is the prosecution’s evidence, the nature, quality, quantity, credibility, that you must believe beyond all reasonable doubt to find the Defendant guilty. If you cannot believe the prosecution’s evidence beyond all reasonable doubt then you must find the Defendant NOT GUILTY.

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