Know Your Rights

The information provided herein should be considered a guide.  The information is not offered as legal advice and should not be considered as such.  Each situation is unique and the uniqueness of the situation typically will result in a slightly different answer.  Therefore, it is important that you contact an attorney who defends your rights – The Law Office of Robert C. LeBrasseur, PC does that and only that.

If you are like me, you go to the same mechanic whenever you need work done on your car. Why do you go to this mechanic? More often than not, it is because you trust him/her, he/she knows your vehicle, and you know he/she will work hard for you. A good mechanic knows this and works hard to build your trust.

I run my office the same way. Just like your mechanic, you want someone experienced, dedicated, and aggressive to handle your criminal defense; to protect your rights regardless of the seriousness of the charges you face or your criminal history.  I have handled almost every crime codified under Maine law.  I have represented individuals charged with Murder to Assault, Domestic Violence Crimes, Drug Offenses, Operating Under the Influence (OUI) to Operating After Suspension (OAS), Operating after Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender to civil Speeding, Robbery to Theft, Gross Sexual Assault to simple Assault, Burglary to Criminal Trespass, and almost everything in between.

Regardless of the crime, I invest the necessary time to build the strongest case to fit your needs. If you have committed a crime in the state of Maine and do not fully understand your rights, call me today for a free consultation. 207-699-1315