Prosecutors should seek justice not convictions

I am constantly telling people not to talk to the police nor allow them to search your person, vehicle, or residence unless they have a warrant.  Most police officers are credible and trustworthy individuals but not all.  When the police are investigating a criminal matter and get you in their cross-hairs as a subject their job is to build a case against  you.  Their job is to help the prosecution convicted you.

Prosecutors are required, ethically, to seek justice and not just convictions.  Prosecutors review the police reports and tell the investigating officers what else is need, where to follow up with questioning, decline prosecution, or bring formal charges.  Prosecutors should question everything a police investigator provides them to ensure it is credible and trustworthy.   Additionally, a prosecutor should preserve and turn over to the defense everything that is exculpatory or cast doubt on the State’s case.

Unfortunately this does not always occur.  A prime example can be found here.  How many of these individuals had their life negatively impacted because of technician Deborah Madden lies and sloppy work?   How many of these individuals had their life negatively impacted because of the prosecutors’ failure to be ethical?  Prosecutors are not always the ones wearing the white cowboy hat.  Defense attorney’s are your last line of defense against these unethical prosecutors.

If you are charged with violating the law you need an attorney who is going to fight for you.  You need an attorney who has the experience to realize that something does not seem right in the lab reports.  You need an attorney who only handles criminal defense matters and has a practice that allows them to compare a lot of lab reports.  You need the Law Office of Robert C. LeBrasseur, PC.

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