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Client was charged with two counts of domestic violence assault on her father and brother.  There was an unrelated third party witness.  Through an aggressive pretrial investigation my office was able to determine the third party witness only saw the brother threatening my client.  Additionally, the brother and father agreed to work with my office and provided letters of support on behalf of my client.  I was able to use this information to convince the State of Maine to dismiss the charges.

Client was facing his fifth motion to revoke probation. Typically, client’s facing a fifth motion to revoke probation are not given bail and usually face a full revocation of the rest of their sentence.  I was able to convince the prosecutor to allow my client to be released from custody to attend treatment.  When the treatment plan failed, I was able to convince a judge to release my client on bail to seek alternative treatment.  I worked diligently with my client to ensure he complied with all conditions of bail and probation.  The client did what was asked of him and ultimately was sentenced to credit for time served with probation to continue.

Client was charged with a first offense OUI. A conviction on this charge or any related motor vehicle charge would result in my client being declared an Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender.  This means she would have lost her license for a minimum of three years.  I was able to obtain police reports that my client was pulled over 15 minutes prior to this charge and released without any concern of impairment.  Additionally, the video of my client’s stop and performance on field sobriety test was inconsistent with the investigating officer’s report.  I presented this information to the prosecutor who agreed to dismiss the OUI charge in exchange for a plea to reckless conduct for a fine.  This means my client was able to keep her license.

Client was charged with domestic violence assault.  The named victim was hostile and wanted the client found guilty and sentenced to prison for as long as possible.  We were able to retain the service of a private investigator who was able to get the victim to speak with her.  Minor inconsistencies were found in the named victim’s version of events.  We were able to question many of the named victim’s friends and learned that she had told them the assault did not happen and this case was about a custody dispute.  We obtained statements from the named victim’s friends and obtain on-line posting the named victim did that discredited her story.  The prosecutor dismissed the charged when presented with this evidence.

Client was charged with furnishing scheduled drugs.  The stop of my client’s vehicle was questionable but typically it is very difficult to win motions to suppress based on an illegal stop.  To stop a vehicle the police only need reasonable articulable suspension (RAS) that criminal activity is being committed.  Using the “facts” as reported by the investigating officer I was able to construct a motion to suppress that convinced the prosecutor they would not win at the  suppression hearing.  The prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case without the need for hearing.

Client was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault and Violating a Condition of Release.  It was alleged by the State that my client stabbed two individuals while out on bail for an unrelated matter.  We were able to retain the services of a private investigator.  The victims were unwilling to discuss this case with us.  However, we were able to locate other witnesses who were able to confirm our client’s version of events, i.e., he acted in self-defense.  I presented this information to the prosecutor who agreed to dismiss all charges.

I represented a client on a Post-Conviction Review proceeding.  She was alleging her prior attorney was ineffective at her sentencing.  I conducted hours of legal research and hours reviewing the sentencing hearing.  I was able to determine that evidence was admitted at the sentencing hearing that should have been inadmissible.  The sentencing judge relied on this inadmissible evidence in sentencing my client.  I was able to convince the Post-Conviction Review judge that the admission of this evidence was ineffective assistance of counsel.  My client is currently waiting to be re-sentenced.

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