Attorney Robert C. LeBrasseur Launches New Website

Attorney LeBrasseur believes that Maine citizens deserve to understand their rights when prosecuted by the State of Maine. That is why Attorney LeBrasseur launched his redesigned website as a resource to those individuals that face prosecution against the State of Maine.

Attorney LeBrasseur comments, “I want to provide Mainers with the right information. The laws of the State of Maine can be tricky at times and not all Mainers are trained on the law.  Unfortunately many make errors representing themselves or choosing their attorneys.  A section of my website is dedicated to those common legal issues Mainers face called, Did Your Know and my blog

Attorney LeBrasseur had another goal in mind when developing his new website. “Many lawyer websites are impersonal. Their website are a resume about themselves and do little in assisting Mainers.  I wanted to bring people into my world as a criminal defense lawyer in the State of Maine. I include my feed from my Twitter account, link to my Facebook account, and will provide Youtube videos as well.  All of this can be used as resources for Mainers to educate themselves on the Maine legal system”, Attorney LeBrasseur adds.

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