Why you need a criminal defense attorney….

Being accused of a crime is a frightening and potentially career altering experience. A criminal conviction carries serious consequence. Jail time, fines, probation, loss of license, stigmatization, loss of job, loss of housing, loss of a professional license, loss of family and friends. If you are accused or implicated in criminal activity you need the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Attorney Robert C. LeBrasseur has the experience, dedication, education, and commitment to provide you with the best possible defense. His practice is exclusively devoted to criminal defense. As a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney Attorney LeBrasseur ensures the rights and interest of his clients are protected throughout the legal process. His clients know that they can trust him to protect their interest and rights whether it is proceeding to trial or obtaining a favorable plea bargain. Attorney LeBrasseur has successfully defended individuals charged with the Murder, Manslaughter, Elevated Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence Assault, Simple Assault, Criminal Threatening and Terrorizing, Operating Under the Influence (OUI), Operating After Suspension (OAS), Operating After Habitual Motor Vehicle Revocation (HO), Felony and Misdemeanor Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Security Fraud, Violating their Probation, and almost all other crimes in Maine’s Criminal Code. Attorney LeBrasseur’s mission is to provide his clients with the best possible defense while educating them regarding the criminal law and process they find themselves in and ensuring they are fully informed about every aspect of their case.

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